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Links from 9/28/10

May 10, 2011

On the debate over for-profit vs. non-profit in local news.

From the same conference on community news, step two for startups.

Meanwhile, if you’re reading about Nokia in New Business Road Test, you might also consider this read from Monday’s NYTimes.


Two more great videos

May 10, 2011

On creativity from Steven Johnson, who has a new book “Where Good Ideas Come From.”

And what happens when the Internet goes out at work?

My fave video of yesteryear

May 10, 2011

Features Roger Fidler, who spoke at the Society for News Design in Denver last week and recounted how visionary he was.

And Ted Turner on the early, harrowing years of CNN.

(Originally published 9/30/10)

A little entrepreneur story…

May 10, 2011

A couple of years ago, one of my students in Principles of Journalism noted that you could easily misplace/switch up your iClicker with someone else’s, because they’re so drab and white and all the same.

So Jess Saba (now a media studies major) invented the Clicker Sticker. They’re on sale at the UMC for about $5. You can create your own with a photo for $11.99 on her Web site.

It’s a small idea, really niche, but i suspect it works for her.

Is there a way you can think small about something you’re interested in, something that’s in your everyday life, and make a change for good?

(originally published 10/21/10)

Links from 9/20/10

May 10, 2011

Is it necessary to be “hypomanic” to be an entrepreneur? Read here and be frightened!

Columbia University’s grad program is among those mixing computer science with journalism, while City University of New York is offering a master’s degree in entrepreneurial journalism. See how one CUNY prof defines entrepreneurial journalism.

Meanwhile, there’s a new 150-page report on how journalism is being revived around the globe from Poynter. Not gonna make you read it tho!

Personalizing the News

May 10, 2011

Several folks have offered up concepts along the lines of personalizing news on the Web. This is a huge trend right now, and i’d suggest you read this Mashable article on the topic, as well as do some other research before proposing similar ideas in the future.

Google is doing this. The New York Times is working on it. There’s Twitter Ti.mes, Instapaper and Flipboard for the iPad.

I’m adding links to Mashable and ReadWriteWeb to the blogroll – PaidContent is another place to get info on trends in the media so you aren’t repeating things. You might want to set up RSS feeds to these sources in your reader or on iGoogle.

(originally published 9/12/2010)

Media evolution

May 10, 2011

A response to the Wired piece from today’s New York Times, and a good supplement for Wednesday’s class. Sample quote: “We’re experiencing the biggest media petri dish in four centuries.”

Another item to consider: the average age of network TV viewers is beyond 50.

(Originally published 8/23/20120)