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Some Politico followup…

September 13, 2011

In the end, Politico did launch on Jan. 22 in print (40 pages!)  and on the Web.

VandeHei and Harris were on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric to analyze the SOTU speech.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, launched a redesigned political site on the Web a few days earlier.

Politico is still getting plenty of buzz more than four years later. Mike Allen, their premier name reporter, was featured in a New York Times Magazine profile in April 2010. His early morning e-mail blast is considered a must-read in D.C. In fall 2008, during the heat of the presidential campaign, the news outlet signed an ad and content sharing plan with other publications (including the Denver Post). The publication is also considered a sweatshop by some, with heavy turnover this year, especially among those younger workers. The news site continues to add big names to its banner.

Politico’s ability to tap an ad market is influencing others in DC. The National Journal is seeking to compete on the Web, with many high-profile hires.

In February 2011, Politco launched PoliticoPro, a $2,500-a-year premium service. In August, Politico announced it was making as much money online as in print – a rarity.

Allbritton Communications dove deeper into the online game, launching, an online news site for D.C. and its metro area, in August 2010. But in February, TBD laid off much of its staff, a few months after its launching editor left.

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