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Content farms

May 10, 2011

This is a bit different than the content producers i wrote about last week, though might drift into this category a bit sometimes.

i label content farms as sites that are seeking stories, video, etc. that will respond to popular search terms. The content will be evergreen to some extent. These organizations depend on freelancers, folks willing to work for clicks, basically, being paid based on page views.

Associated Content was founded in Denver and purchased by Yahoo earlier this year.

Demand Media offers up written and video content and has partnerships with Livestrong, and others.

Examiner would prefer not to be called a content farm, according to this MediaShift piece. Still, they employ freelance “examiners” and get paid based on pageviews.

Yahoo’s purchase of Associate Content was a huge deal earlier this year, and helped establish Yahoo as more of a news/content producer. Demand has been criticized for being a, well, content farm, but it’s a profitable model. Examiner is also based in Denver.

You could probably pick up a bit of cash from such places. A bit. They’re making more, selling advertising and sharing their content with others.

(originally published 10/9/10)

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